Liberating your own talent

The starting point to liberating your own talent is to build clearer understanding of "where am I now?".

We suggest that you set up an "incident room" to capture and understand this information, in terms of understanding your self and understanding the context you are working in.

Once you understand more about where you are now, you can explore "where am I going" and plan "how will I get there".

Diagram explaining liberating your own talent.

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From Talent Management to Talent Liberation

A book by Dr Maggi Evans, Prof John Arnold and Dr Andrew Rothwell

Talent management as practiced in most organisations is not fit for purpose. It is driven by an underlying assumption that talent is scarce; it is based on narrow views of future organisational needs and individual cases.

A more dynamic approach is needed that harnasses more of the talent that is lying dormant and that recognises the real challenges facing organisations and individuals in this changing work environment.

Talent liberation provides a solution. It looks to maximise existing talent, building agility, engagement and capability through a partnership approach that extends beyond the traditional boundaries of the organisation.

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