We offer flexible and bespoke consultancy, where we contribute fresh thinking and practical ideas. We can work alongside you to develop and implement a talent strategy that fits the short and long term needs of your organisation. We can also support you on specific aspects of your strategy such as engaging leaders in the talent agenda, collecting data to support strategy development, identifying career pathways or coaching specific people.

Recent assignments include:

  • Defining future leadership requirements for a fast growing global technology firm. A new framework was developed with a focus on the skills, behaviours, experiences and culture that was needed for the future. Implementation of this led to business performance improvements, better recruitment and greater internal mobility.
  • Realising leadership potential for a professional services firm. This involved conducting evidence based, tailored assessments of leaders. This was followed by feedback and development planning. This increased the number of credible internal candidates for senior role and improved senior retention.
  • Creating a climate for everyone to be their personal best for a multi-site financial services organisation. A survey and focus groups were used to develop insight on the key drivers and barriers, followed by an improvement plan. This led to training and communication to increase the level of feedback, creating a culture of ongoing improvement and coaching.
  • Collaboratively developing talent strategy for a software and services organisation. This involved working closely with stakeholders to explore the Talent Compass and to develop a realistic plan. The plan involved increasing visibility of people with high potential and supporting people to become their own ‘chief learning officer’ to proactively drive their own development.

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