Consultancy Services

We offer flexible and bespoke consultancy, where we contribute fresh thinking and practical ideas.

We can work alongside you to develop and implement a talent strategy that fits the short and long term needs of your organisation.

We can also support you on specific aspects of your strategy such as engaging leaders in the talent agenda, collecting data to support strategy development or identifying career pathways or coaching specific people.

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In-house Events & Workshops

We can facilitate a variety of in-house events and workshops. These can be aimed at HR (helping them to understand their role in talent liberation), for leaders (developing skills and habits to support everyone to be their personal best), or for individuals (providing them with the understanding and commitment to lead their own career).

Whatever the topic and the audience, we will provide a challenging, supporting and inspiring event.

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Dr. Maggi Evans is an experienced and sought-after international author, speaker and leadership consultant. She is passionate about liberating talent in ways that benefit the individual and the organisation. She brings together research and practise to help organisations to find practical ways to drive their competitive advantage. She is known for her engaging style, and for sharing stories and examples that inspire action.

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Mosaic Consulting

We offer a range of leadership, top team, culture and change consulting, all focused on improving the performance of individuals, teams and the organisation. We have extensive experience of working internationally and across a range of industries. All projects are led by Maggi Evans. For larger projects, Maggi collaborates with other highly experienced and qualified consultants.

Examples of recent projects include:

  • Developing a simple pulse survey tool, YourView 19 to support performance excellence in the challenging COVID-19 environment.
  • Supporting a newly formed executive team to develop their strategic agenda and to build relationships, trust and behaviours to enable them to become high performing.
  • Developing new 5-year strategy with executive team of newly acquired insurance business, based on Proctor Gamble ‘Playing to Win’ approach.
  • Developing strategic change plan to support scalability of fast-growing PE funded business.
  • Designing and delivering leadership training for senior, middle and aspiring leaders on a range of topics including feedback, delegation, innovation and team-working.
  • Designing and facilitating a programme to encourage innovation and identify new market opportunities for an insurance company, leading to a disruptive new business model.
  • Working as executive coach for a variety of executive and senior leaders across a range of sectors including designing and delivering a talent review in a culturally diverse international bank.
  • Designing and running top team events on topics such as teamwork, leadership and culture change.

Each project is bespoke, and we liaise closely with the client to understand the requirements, the context and how success can be measured. The majority of our work is through referrals and on-going client relationships.

Maggi also works as a consultant, supporting the delivery of other established consultancies.

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