Dr. Maggi Evans is an experienced and sought-after international author, speaker and leadership consultant. She is passionate about liberating talent in ways that benefit the individual and the organisation. She brings together research and practise to help organisations to find practical ways to drive their competitive advantage. She is known for her engaging style, and for sharing stories and examples that inspire action.

She also collaborates with clients to develop and write thought leadership pieces on talent, leadership, change and engagement.

Her speaking engagements include Institute of Leadership and Management, the Association of Business Psychologists, the British Academy of Management, the ACUMEN conference and Civica client conferences.

Maggi is available to talk or write on a range of topics related to talent and talent liberation. Examples are given below, but Maggi is very happy to adapt the topics to meet the requirements of particular events or audiences.

1. From talent management to talent liberation.

This explores why talent management is not fit for purpose and introduces talent liberation as an alternative approach that is better suited to the changing world of work. The focus is on the five premises of talent liberation: talent is not as scarce as we think; high performance is a result of teams as well as individuals; we need to be responsive to changing talent needs; formal processes are only part of the answer; success depends on partnership between the people and the organisation. This talk opens new ways of thinking about the challenges organisations are facing and introduces some practical actions that can be taken to set talent free.

2. HR as talent liberators.

This is specifically aimed at an HR audience, helping them to redefine their role in order to add maximum value. Focused on the role they can play in liberating talent, this has wider relevance as they explore how to build deep organisational insight, adopt an evidence based approach, broaden the talent ecosystem, adopt a critical view of process and promote a positive talent climate. With practical examples of how to take control and shape your role, this is a call to action for all HR professionals.

3. Leaders as liberators

Leaders are in the front line in liberating talent. A great leader can help people to perform at their personal best, to help their team to fully engage and to thrive in the workplace. This brings benefits for the individuals and the organisation, and it's also great for the leader, helping them to get better results and to have the time to focus on doing their job, not doing their team's job. This talk encourages leaders to step into this role and introduces five habits of leaders as liberators: know your team; catalyst for growth; feedback and feedforward; look to the future and work in partnership. With practical examples and tools, leaders will feel inspired and equipped to start liberating more talent.

4. Thriving at work.

The idea of thriving at work is gaining momentum. When someone is thriving, they can be seen to be growing and learning, making a contribution and feeling energetic and enthusiastic about it. This talk explores the notion of thriving and helps individuals to understand how they can move towards this. Suitable for people at any level of an organisation, the focus is on taking control and encouraging people to actively shaping their career and learning. Full of practical tools and examples, this helps people to navigate the increasingly complex world of work in a positive and empowered way.

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