We can facilitate a variety of in-house events and workshops. These can be aimed at HR (helping them to understand their role in talent liberation), for leaders (developing skills and habits to support everyone to be their personal best) or for individuals (providing them with the understanding and commitment to lead their own career). Whatever the topic and the audience, we will provide a challenging, supporting and inspiring event.

We have a series of ‘off-the shelf’ Talent Liberation programmes that can be fine-tuned to your organisation, but are already designed. These include:

HR as Talent Liberators - 2 days

This is an immersive experience for HR professionals to look afresh at the talent challenges in their organisation. Participants will develop understanding and skills to bring new talent insights and actions which focus on building competitive advantage and minimising risk. Based on the content of our highly acclaimed book, this 2 day programme covers a range of topics and skills including: using evidence to improve outcomes; broadening the talent ecosystem; adding value through formal process and promoting a positive talent climate. It also includes facilitator training in the Talent Compass with a full set of materials to enable participants to develop a tailored talent strategy for business units, functions and teams within their organisation. With case studies and examples, this is a practical and thought- provoking programme that enables HR professionals to focus on actions that will drive value within their organisation. Additional support will be provided through a one-hour Q & A webinar, approximately 6 weeks after the programme.

Leaders as Liberators - 1 day

This leadership masterclass will challenge and inspire leaders to tap into the talent within their teams. Based on the ‘five habits of leader as liberator’, participants will develop a clear vision for themselves as liberators of talent. With case studies, activities and rehearsals, leaders will develop their understanding of the five habits. In particular they will learn how to really get to know their team, how to operate as a catalyst for growth, and how to work in partnership with team members. They will also develop their skills at feedback and identifying future opportunities. These insights will be applied to their own teams and they will identify practical actions they can take to liberate more talent. Participants will receive resources to support them as talent liberators and will also be sent monthly reminders and additional materials each month for six months.

Liberating your own talent - 1 day

Many organisations say that individuals are accountable for managing their own career. This programme helps provide practical support so that people are equipped to take this accountability. Set within the context of ‘thriving at work’, this programme helps participants to understand how the changing nature of work impacts the opportunities available to them. The programme then introduces practical ways in which people can proactively navigate their career and can balance long term planning with adapting to changing circumstances. A number of key topics are covered including building self awareness and setting a future direction. Depending on the audience, sessions on ‘thriving as a contingent worker’ and ‘developing my high potential’ can also be included. The programme includes a personal workbook and access to on-line learning resources.

Do get in touch for more information on these programmes.
We can also tailor programmes to meet your specific needs. Recent assignments include:

  • Developing career mentors for a global engineering firm to support team members in taking ownership for their own careers. This was delivered as face-to-face training to build skills and to develop a communication plan.
  • Releasing talent through delegation for a professional services firm. This was delivered through face to face training and webinars, tailored to the needs of this environment. A debrief session with the senior leaders was used to agree a plan to reinforce the training through ongoing communication and ‘nudges’.
  • Facilitating the Talent Compass for the talent team in a financial services organisation. This was delivered as a short workshop to broaden understanding about talent strategy and to set the context for conversations with senior stakeholders.
  • Accelerating team development for the newly formed senior leadership team of a financial services organisation. This involved input from each team member and an event to build trust and relationships and to set a shared vision for the future.

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